The Basic Types of Hand Fans

The Basic Types of Hand Fans

Which hand fan type perfectly suits your needs? The following are the features of the basic types of hand fans. Know which hand fan type suits you best following the basic design of the hand fan:

Folding Fans: The generic term for hand fans that fold to a slender and rectangular shape and opens to the shape of a half moon, circle, or shell. Folding fans are highly popular as souvenirs because they can be easily tucked inside the hand bag or travel bag once fold into a compact size.

Among the popular variations of folding fans are the following:
  • Cockade Fans: This type of folding fan opens to a complete circle and have thin, rectangular guardsticks that are usually made of metal with hollow interior that serves as the handle when the fan is opened and to where the fan's paper leaf, which is folded in accordion style, is hidden so that the hand fan folds to a compact design.

  • Fontage Fans: A type of folding fan that opens to the shape of a shell and with center sticks that are longer than the guardsticks.
Non-bending Fans: This type of hand fan, which includes the paddle fans and straw fans, features a flat surface that is fixed to a handle.

Battery Fans: Also known as battery-operated fans, battery fans have tiny blades that are attached to a palm-sized battery compartment, and rotates when switched on and gives-off a gentle breeze.