Lace Hand Fans

Be swept away by the romantic glamour of these Battenburg Lace Fans! Leafed with Battenburg lace that is lined with a fine sheer fabric, these Battenburg lace fans boast a very soft touch, a beautiful color, and fantastic lacework which classic floral, wedding, or holiday motif is brought to life by Battenburg lace tapes. Always a joy to hold and dependable for keeping cool, these Battenburg lace fans are also a firm favorite as bridal fans, bridal party gifts, lace party fans, and elegant gift for ladies. Trendy Mademoiselles love to amass them, too, as hip antique lace fans and old-fashioned fans, which mirror the allure of the Victorian hand fans and Renaissance lace hand fans.

Your Standout Option for Lace Summer Fans

Make a statement while keeping cool with these Battenberg lace fans. You will never go wrong picking-up any or all of these Battenberg lace fans for staying cool and fashionable all day – whether you are on the beach, the city streets, in the office, at work, in the mall, in school, while traveling, or on a smart-casual or elegant affair – as each of them has their strong breeze to lend and get rid of the discomfort that is brought about by the hot and humid weather of summer, the tropical or desert climate, or by your non-air-conditioned wedding or party venue.

Every piece of this folding Battenberg lace fan is leafed with 100% cotton Battenberg lace that is lined with a very fine-textured sheer fabric to ensure a strong quality of air in every fanning motion. Each is also ribbed with wood or bamboo sticks, which are smoothed and bleached to a very light tan, thus the latter show-off the natural grains of their specially handpicked wood or bamboo material. With such playful contrast of the simplicity of wood and the sophisticated beauty of Battenberg lace, these Battenberg lace fans, thus, spell perfection as bridal hand fans, lace wedding fans, party fans, photography props, trendy old-fashioned lace fans or antique lace fans, and summer hand fans for weddings, special occasions, and garbs that project an elegant yet relaxed summer styling or a country-style, rustic, or youthful, vintage flair.

From Bridal Fans to Decorations and Party Favors

You will also want to incorporate these Battenberg lace fans among the dashing pearls and fresh flower table decorations of your Victorian-themed wedding, bridal shower, or party. Or, maybe hang them on the wall as party decorations or tap them as hand fan favors for your baby shower, Christening party, and Sweet16 birthday party with a Pearls and Laces, Rustic Glam, or Princess Party theme. It is sure to also warm the heart of your family, friends, and loved ones if you pick up one of these heirloom-worthy small lace fans or large lace fans as gift on their birthday, graduation, and other important occasions. Even the youngest member of your wedding entourage – your flower girls – will surely feel special, too, having one of these small lace fans as Thank You gifts or flower girl lace hand fan on your wedding day.

Choosing Your Perfect Lace Wedding Fans

While you fuss about the comfort of you bridesmaids and wedding guests, don't forget to think about that one important element for yourself and for your groom on your wedding day: Your bridal fan. You will be wearing your wedding gown while he will be wearing his dapper groom outfit all day, under the sun of your outdoor affair, amidst the dry air of the beach, or while being exposed to the heat of the camera lights. And through all and in-between all these, you will never want to even think about becoming a sweaty bride and groom, so don't take your comfort on a backseat by always having a bridal fan on hand or in your bridal bag for you and your groom's needs for keeping cool.

Lace fans are always a sight to behold as bridal hand fans. However, they are not just for looking fabulous nor limited to summer weddings as their mere ability to help get rid of the discomfort of the summer heat, the tropical or desert climate, or of your non-air-conditioned wedding venue already goes a long way to helping you keep your cool on your wedding day. In addition, having a bridal fan makes it an important part of your bridal ensemble. Thus, it is important to note how its color, size, type, motif, and design can make or break your bridal look.

With lace hand fans, there is a plethora of lace colors, types, hand fan shapes, types, sizes, and designs that you can choose for your bridal fan. As a general guideline, all-lace fans that are leafed with thick lace are best for keeping cool during the summer and the warmer months. These thicker lace fabrics can draw air in every fanning motion, thus allowing you to stay cool and cozy. Sample lace fans of this type are the Battenberg lace fans. You also have a plethora of choices for all-lace bridal fans among the lace fans that are leafed with thin lace, like the Spanish lace fans and Spanish-style lace fans. For keeping cool in summer, look for embroidered lace fans or pick the one with the finest weave. That's because the smaller and fewer the blocks or spaces there is in the fan's lace, the better it is in drawing air for keeping cool.

Gifted with a Modern and Youthful Appeal

Battenberg lace fans recently exhibited as a popular choice for bridal fans, lace wedding fans, bridesmaids' fans, old-fashioned lace fans, antique fans, Victorian lace fans, Renaissance hand fans, and more. Its leaf's lace material, that's Battenberg lace, is worked by shaping woven lace tapes into various forms to make for the outline of its patterns or motif. Battenberg lace belongs to a large group of laces, called tape lace, which lace-making technique became popular during the late 19th century and was derived from the lace-making technique of the imitation Venetian laces of 17th century.1 Thus, as the lace material for these fans, these Battenberg lace fans uniquely have that modern and youthful appeal with a touch of vintage, plus a stylish versatility that works seamlessly with modern and era-inspired styling.

Tips on How to Care for Lace Hand Fans

Your Battenberg lace fans are meant for keeping cool and for lasting usage. Many Battenberg laces have stood the test of time, thus, proper caring is key to help keep your hand fan in its pristine condition for many years. Being leafed with thick 100% cotton Battenberg lace, the folds of your lace fan need to be properly established during the first uses. As such, folding it carefully after every use is essential; guiding the lace along the folds will also be very helpful. Keep your lace fan blemish-free by protecting it from dust and stains. You can also store your lace fan in a hand fan pouch or sleeve, as well as dry-clean or wash its lace material with cold water and soap to remove stubborn stains.

Make Your Summer and Special Occasions Memorable

With just these lace fans, make your wedding, your summer, and your family, friend, or loved one's special occasion a memorable one. This season and your special occasion is all about embracing your fun, glamorous, and playful style, so confidently give-in to the blushing bride, stylish lady, best party host, or bighearted gift-giver that you are because you have the perfect lace hand fans for your bridal fan, bridal party gifts to your bridesmaids and flower girls, for staying cool and fashionable everyday this summer, for sending out as gift for family and friends on their special occasion, to accessorize a special dress, and so much more!

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