Feather Fans

Embark on a flight of fancy with these Feather Fans and feather hand fans. Leafed with faux or real feathers, these feather hand fans have their luxuriously soft and beatiful array of fluffy feathers, which completely cover the sticks of their white Spanish hand fan-inspired plastic ribs, to captivate you at every unfolding. Take these feather fans as wedding fans and posh cooling accessories for your wedding and dress-up parties that require a taste of fairy tale, vintage, or feather fantasy. Or, let them infuse an extra touch of magic as hand fan gifts and party favors to your daughter's celebrations and to your special occasions on a cold or misty spring, summer, fall, or winter.

Bring-On the Resplendent Style or Theme of Your Special Occasion

Impeccably bring-on the resplendent vintage fashion style or fancy theme that is called for by your wedding, bridal shower, costume parties, debutante ball, and celebrations that look to the glamour of the renowned fashionable eras, like the Renaissance, Victorian, and Edwardian periods, and magical ensembles for inspiration, by perfecting your wedding or party ensemble with these feather fans and feather hand fans.

These trendy feather fans have the ornamental gathering of the highest quality feathers, like of the turkey marabou feathers, on their sturdy hand fan ribs, which may feature intricate cutout patterns, gold or silver detailing, and faux-engraved designs. They are crafted to unfold as half-moon-shaped feather hand fans and while they are recommended to be handled with great care owing to the fragility of their feathers, which are glued on their rib, they can actually provide you with the comfort that you need for staying cool up to a slightly humid weather.

Style Your Celebration with the Feathered Fan of Your Choice

Day or night in spring, summer, fall or winter, these feather fans will let you achieve that ultra-classy vintage style or fairy-inspired look that you desire whether you tap them as bridal fans, wedding fans, party fans, dancing fans, and hand fan props for your theatrical productions, photo shoots, or fashion shows. And just like your favorite wedding fans and party fans, you can easily play them up as hand fan decorations, hand fan favors, and party giveaways for your special occasions, especially of your opulent garden reception, elegant vintage-themed parties, and decorating themes with a fanciful and ethereal aesthetic. For an added panache, you can dot their handles, too, with faux rhinestones for a touch of sparkle, embellish them with faux flowers, or hang long strands of silk or satin ribbons on their handle for a playful bent.

Style your wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, your baby's first birthday, Christening, your teenage girl’s Sweet 16, and all other special occasions with the ostrich feather fans, turkey marabou feather fans, or feather hand fans of your choice, as well as indulge your family, friends, and loved ones’ trendy, vintage-style, and princess-inspired fashion sense with the feminine and fantastic charm of these feather fans. There is the perfect type and color of feather fans here on our store to capture the joy of your occasion and to dress your family, friends, and loved ones in a different light. FREE shipping is also available with your purchase worth $100 and up. So grab the chance to own these feather fans and let them pave the way for magical memories that you and their lucky user or recipient will surely want to cherish for a lifetime.

How to Care for Feathered Fans?

Due to the very delicate nature of feathers, feathered fans are generally susceptible to irreparable damage and natural degradation. But with proper care, you can help your feather fan keep its natural beauty and last for a long time with the following tips:

  • Wave feather fan gently and avoid harsh handling to prevent their feather from falling or breaking.
  • Always protect feather fan from dust and remove surface dirt using a soft, natural-bristled brush.
  • Keep feathered fans away from extremely dry temperature, as well as damp environment.
  • Store feather fans away from bright light and direct sunlight to protect their color from fading.
  • When not to be used for a long time, keep feathered fans inside a closed air-tight plastic box or case with mothball and silica gel to prevent the manifestation of insects, dusts, and frequent temperature changes.

  • The Most Popular Types of Feather Fans

    Turkey Marabou Feather Fans.

    Turkey marabou feather fans are easily found as feather folding fans with translucent, often slightly bendable but not easy to break, plastic ribs. Approximately half of the length and both the front and back side of each of this feather hand fan's rib is covered with turkey marabou feathers, which are 1" to 3" long feathers with very fine and soft-textured barbs, thus even the gentlest breeze can easily make these barbs sway gracefully.

    Turkey marabou hand fans fold and unfold easily and are available in pastel and vibrant hues. They require careful handling, especially when used as a cooling accessory while dining or seated on a banquet table, otherwise their very delicate barbs will fall easily, thus, they are perfect as supplemental cooling accessory for a slightly humid weather or as fashion feather fans, especially to match stylish garbs and formal special celebrations. Be sure to accompany each of your turkey marabou feather fan with a gift box that will help to protect their feathers when not in use.

    Peacock Feather Fans.

    Highly admired for the pristine beauty of peacock feathers, which flaunt a crescent sheen of bright blue and green and display thousands of glimmering colors when light strikes their surface, peacock fans are easily found as non-folding hand fans with layers upon layers of colorful peacock feathers, which are mounted on a flat, circular or semi-circular base, or simply secured at the tip by a long carved wood or metal handle. Elegant weddings and special occasions, especially which attempt to bring the lavish lifestyle and colorful inspirations of the Renaissance and Medieval periods and the Indian culture, are always a magical time for peacock fans.

    Peacock feather fans can also be used as part of costumes, headdresses, and Asian decoration. It is also considered auspicious in the Asian culture to have peacock feathers, which are a symbol of good fortune and good life, and to stare at them early in the morning to remove bad luck and the negative chi.

    Ostrich Plume Feather Fans.

    Easily recognized for the ostrich feathers' long and full barbs with tips that hang down, ostrich plume feather fans typically take the natural off-white or brown color of the ostrich plumes, and sometimes, the latter are bleached and color-dyed in pastel hues to become perfect as accessories or decoration, especially for weddings. Ostrich plume feather fans are another favorite for weddings and often used as substitute to bridal bouquets because of their unconventional and stylish design.

    History of Feather Hand Fans

    Feather hand fans are considered a timeless tradition since as far as 3000 years ago. Having existed since the Shang (1600-1100 BC) and Zhou (1100-256 BC) Dynasties, feathered fans are known as the oldest type of hand fan in China. Up until the end of Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD), having a feather fan was considered stylish and a status symbol among the literati and officials. By the 8th century, feathered fans became popular among the wealthy and peasant populations and were a common decoration for women.2

    Throughout history, feather hand fans became more elaborate and many varieties in designs have been created.2 While they remain to be easily available, they are apparently reserved for the best occasions and typically matched with the finest garbs as a fashion accessory for women owing to their luxurious design.