School and Government Purchase Orders

If you're a Public Organization such as Municipality, University, Public School, or Government Agency, then you have the option of paying by Purchase Order. The Purchase Order must be pre-approved by your department and faxed or mailed to us before we process any order.

If you are not associated with the entities mentioned above, please use credit card, money order or check.

How to Order by Purchase Order

  1. Use our online system and place desired item(s) into shopping cart
  2. During the check out process, please selected " Purchase Order" as form of payment
  3. Fax your signed Purchase Order form to 1.610.253.9682.
  4. We will either email or mail the invoice to the billing address for payment, payment is due upon receipt of merchandise. Please include the Purchase Order # and's Order # on the check. Our Federal Tax ID and necessary information is available upon request

If you have any questions on how to purchase using a PO, please contact us by our toll free #, email or online chatting system. reserves the right to refuse any order if we cannot verify the authenticity of the purchase order.