Kung Fu Fans, Tai Chi Fans

Enjoy these Kung Fu Fans and Tai Chi Fans with family and friends for the best impact in honing your fan fighting skills in tai chi, kung fu, modern wushu, and other Asian martial arts and mastering the various fan forms in Chinese fan dance exercise. These tai chi kung fu fans are made of top-quality nylon silk and tough bamboo, thus there is more excitement, power, and superb wrist control in using them for exercise, practice, and performance because they are durable, nicely weighted, and very comfortable to hold. Settle for nothing less: Be sure that you are the one to stand on top once the game or fight is done by giving yourself these tai chi fan and kung fu fans!

Premium-Quality, The Choice of Enthusiasts

For sports, like tai chi, kung fu, and wushu, which have to be won in solo, use only the tools that will truly get you going, like these nylon kung fu fans and tai chi fans, which are backed by our sixteen (16) years in business as the tai chi fans, kung fu fans, and Chinese dance fans of choice by the kung fu, tai chi, and the Chinese fan dance exercise enthusiasts here in the United States, China, and other parts of the world for their practice, training, performance, and exercise, respectively.

These nylon dragon kung fu fans and tai chi fans are fine-crafted with thick and rigid bamboo ribs, which are secured at the handle with a thick metal pin. Each of them also opens as half-moon-shaped folding fans that are leafed with a sturdy, gauzy-textured nylon silk, which is silk-screened on the front with a traditional tai chi or kung fu logo, a magnificent imagery of the Asian dragon, or a classic Asian martial arts design. When flipped, these kung fu fans and tai chi fans individually open and close smoothly while sending out a strong snapping sound.

And not just limited for use in Asian martial arts and as Chinese dancing fans, you can also place them on a hand fan stand or set them on a frame to serve as auspicious Asian decoration for your room, office, Asian restaurant, martial arts school, or Asian party. They're also a great idea as gifts, you can enjoy them, too, as cooling accessories in summer, especially that they can lend a very strong and refreshing breeze.

Enhance Your Skills, Fitness, and Endurance

In addition to enhancing one's skills in the use of fans as weapons and as props for dance, the use of fans in Asian martial arts and dance fan exercises also hold many physical benefits. For one, they make learning tai chi, kung fu, wushu, and other Asian martial arts more fun and interesting, especially as a sport, which improves one's inner strength, confidence, endurance, concentration, and emotional balance. In Chinese dance fan exercise, these kung fu fans and tai chi fans improve the gracefulness of the body and exercise the muscles of the arms, which are not normally worked out during regular exercise, thus helping to define the latter's shape and improve its strength and balance.

As a hobby or sport that is best enjoyed in the company of family and friends, Asian martial arts and Chinese fan dance ultimately develops one's rapport with the latter. Most importantly, as a cardiovascular exercise, they are helpful in keeping one's heart and body fit and healthy.

Basic Guide to Shopping Your Martial Arts Fans

Fans are a very popular implement for keeping cool. In many self-defense routines, especially in Asian martial arts, they have also played an important role, particularly as secret weapons. In this fast-paced world, staying fit and learning the basics of self-defense, including the use of fans for protecting one’s self, is no longer regarded a luxury, but rather a necessity. If you have already learned the techniques of using fans in martial arts, then good for you! But if you haven't yet, don't fret, for it is never too late to start.

For a good martial artist, it's not enough that he owns a kung fu fan, tai chi fan, tessen fan, ninja fan, or the martial arts fan of his choice. Such martial arts fan has to be in the size that suits his needs. It also has to be made of durable materials, like bamboo and steel, so that it can handle his planned use for the same. And most of all, it should be comfortable to hold – be it for practice, performance, competition, or for protecting himself when the need arises – so it can boost his confidence and enable him to give 100% of his best.

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