Paper Fans

These Paper Fans should make their way to your wedding and to your family, friends, and guests' beach and party bags! Catch these paper fans in the season's hottest styles, e.g., as solid-colored paper folding fans, party-perfect paddle fans, or as alluring bouquet paper fans, and in the perfect colors and count on them for keeping your guests cool to putting a fun styling to your special occasions.

Embrace the Sun and Summer Heat in Colorful Style

Take these paper fans and let their vibrant color and refreshing breeze sway you and your guests or their lucky recipient to embrace the sun and the summer heat in style. Ribbed with bamboo and leafed with card stock-quality paper, these paper fans are a durable take for keeping cool this summer and on your summer wedding, beach party, laid-back affairs in school or at work, and tropical or outdoor celebrations.

Need paper fans with a sophisticated feel? Then set your heart on our Chinese paper fans. Ribbed with 9 to 10-inch long bamboo sticks and finished with a half-moon-shaped paper, which folds in accordion style, the folding paper fans will suit your lady and gentlemen guests. They are also smart for your dressy casual affairs and outdoor parties and with the right styling and attitude, they will seamlessly go well with your wedding or elegant affair's formal vibe. And not just for keeping cool for a day, these Chinese paper fans are also for keeps. Your family and guests – especially the adventurous and trendy – will surely enjoy them as wedding paper fans, party fans, and promotional paper fans.

For your needs of catchy paper fans for weddings and special occasions that are meant to be staged with an upbeat and playful air, that go well with casual ensembles, and that are perfectly comfortable to use on a sunny and humid weather, be sure to not miss out our variety of paper paddle fans. Crafted with wide and thick paper leaves and/or strong bamboo ribs or handle, these paper paddle fans can serve you and your guests as cooling accessories and handy shelters from the sun's glare, while their classic shape and durable make guarantee that your need for trusty and stylish wedding paper fans, party fans, or promotional paper fans will never be compromised.

Shop Personalized with Your Logo or Artwork

Looking to give these paper fans a little kick? Then shop them as personalized paper fans or with the custom print of your wedding or party logo, finished artwork, monogram, or photo on their front or with the colored print of your event's details or short message on their guard side. You can also craft these paper hand fans with a hand-written note, painted artwork, or fancy embellishing to add oomph to your wedding, celebration, decorating, or gifting needs as paper fans for wedding, party fans, and promotional paper fans.

Buy Now! No Minimum, FREE Shipping

Have no doubt about it, wants you to realize your thoughtful idea of making your guests feel comfortable with these statement-making paper fans. Add not just that, we want you to buy your paper fans cheap, thus our bulk and wholesale pricing for all of them, plus no minimum and super low quantity discount brackets on all paper hand fan styles, and FREE shipping of your order worth $100 to your shipping destination within the 48 contiguous states here in the USA. Trust our paper fans' perfect size and high-quality make for keeping cool in summer and on a hot and humid weather and, most of all enjoy the fun and colorful vibe that they can bring to your chic wedding, parties, fun gifting and decorating needs, and special occasions. Enjoy your shipping!

3 Reception Ideas and Party Tips for Hand Fans

Summer weddings are almost impossible without hand fans and you can turn them more into striking party staples with our simple tips on how to use paper fans for your wedding reception or outdoor party:

Accessorize paper hand fans with a colored bow. Inspired by the hanging tassels that the Chinese frequently use to decorate their hand fans, a satin, glittered, or organza ribbon tied into a bow can instantly make these paper hand fans look more lovely. Finish the middle of the bow with a faux flower or a string from which hangs a Thank You card to make them more attune to the outdoor theme of your wedding or a delightful present.

Slip paper hand fans inside a box or basket of Asian gifts. If you love the idea of packing a bag or basket of Asian gifts for your wedding and party guests, these paper hand fans surely make for an exciting addition. You can start with an Asian personalized mug and paper fan combo, an Asian gift bag filled with Asian accessories that your lady guests would surely love, or a luxurious aroma diffuser gift set.

Embellish paper fans with your own artwork. The beauty of paper hand fans come in their unmatched versatility for party decorating and wedding styling. You can even make them like no other hand fan by drawing or painting on their front, you can also decorate their guard sticks with faux rhinestones or sparkling beads to make them more unique and elegant.

With paper fans available in almost every color, your parties and wedding surely will come out vibrant. Shop for your paper fans here on and enjoy great discounted prices and hassle-free shipping all-year-round.

History of Paper Hand Fans

The earliest paper fans can be traced back to ancient China, where paper was invented about 2000 years ago. A glimpse of their design are often depicted in Chinese mural paintings as oval or hexagonal paper fans that were of made paper, fixed on wooden handles or bamboo sticks, and adorned with calligraphy symbols or drawings.

With the development of paper-making and better qualities of paper, the paper fans and folding fans became easier to make. The Emperor Hi-Ti Ts'ai Lun of Lei-Yang, China helped to invent the paper that became most widely used in hand fans and the paper fans became more cost-effective than silk or cloth fans and often better-suited to the artwork, which the makers have always loved to cover the fans with.1

Flexible and convenient for use, the low costs and prices to make and sell the paper fans and their compact and handy design altogether made them popular worldwide. Through the years, the basic structure of the paper fan, however, changed very little that is why we see paper fans of different styles, materials, and designs and not only have they become a symbol of craftsmanship from centuries, they were also used across the world as family icons, status symbols, weapons, and even as dancing props.