Personalized Silk Fans

These Personalized Silk Fans and Personalized Silk Hand Fans are elegant, useful, and far from common as promotional hand fans. They are also your wedding and special occasion's most stylish refuge from the summer heat and the tropical or desert climate's humid weather. Add your text for FREE as a side handle print on silk folding fans. Or, personalize your silk fans wedding favors, promotional fans, party fans, and hand fan gifts or party favors with the single-color or full-color print of your logo or design! Such printed on genuine Asian silk fans, these personalized silk fans are essentially good on their own as Asian souvenirs.

Your Special Occasion's Most Stylish Refuge from the Summer Heat

Make your wedding, bridal shower, birthday, baby shower, graduation party, and all special occasion in-between a smashing fun, elegant, and unforgettable success with these personalized silk hand fans. Fashioned after the Japanese hand fans for summer, these personalized silk fans are the silk fans wedding favors and silk folding fans to grace your casual and formal occasions with the finest tropical or Asian flair.

Chic in every inch, each of this personalized silk fan's elegant silk fabric leaf is specially nestled on light tan bamboo ribs, which are closely-spaced for extra durability and which may feature tiny heart and floral cutout designs. Each of them is also made unique and trendy for your elegant affair and gift-giving needs by the colored print of your wedding logo, party clip art, monogram, custom text, company logo, or artwork on the front of their leaf or on their guard side. Both your gentleman and lady guests will surely say "Yes!" to owning these personalized silk fans as they a smart and dependable take for keeping cool even during the hottest days in summer. They are also lightweight and handy – it is certainly a fuss-free feat to use them around during your party, a stroll, or while traveling, as each of them folds into a compact size.

Choose Your Color or Shop an Assorted Mix of Colors

Choose your solid-colored personalized silk fans' colors or shop them as an assorted mix of colors to see them spruce-up your wedding or party venue in your wedding or party's color motif or in a rainbow of colors, respectively. Inspired by the Asian art of fan painting, your silk hand fans are personalized with a single-color print of your custom text and/or design at the center-front of their silk fabric leaf. These personalized silk fans with front print, as we call them, are an all-time favorite for wedding fans, party favors, promotional fans, and business gifts as they offer an ample space for your custom design and they are excellent at giving your wedding, event, or party venue an an air of exclusivity.

Easily create your personalized silk fans with front print by selecting a print-ready wedding design, beach logo, monogram, or party clip art from our design library or completely go original by having your logo or a line art image of your favorite photo custom printed on their front. Select personalized silk hand fans with front print are made easier for your pocket by their FREE gift box, in addition to our cheap wholesale or bulk pricing, FREE shipping, FREE sample, and price matching offers for all of them.

Of course, is not without its signature selection of personalized silk folding fans with side print. Featuring your custom text or logo as a single-color print on the handle or guard side of your personalized silk fans wedding favors, party fans, Asian hand fans, promotional fans, and more, these personalized silk fans with side print will allow your family, friends, business stakeholders, and guests to completely delight in the distinctive Asian beauty of your painted, printed, or solid-colored personalized Asian silk hand fan's leaf.

An All-Season Must-Have for Keeping Cool

Planning your next dance party or Asian-themed event? Then be sure to get these personalized silk hand fans ready for keeping your family, friends, and guests cool. Regardless of the season and for as long you and your guests need a cooling accessory that can be worked as party favors, these personalized silk fans should come ready for your guests' ultimate party experience.

Shop Now for FREE Sample, FREE Shipping!

With these personalized silk hand fans, an expensive Asian fare is certainly not necessary for you to be able to give your guests the best personalized silk fans there is for your wedding, special occasions, business promotional needs, and gift-giving needs. Amass these personalized silk hand held fans at their cheapest wholesale or bulk price here in the U.S.A. and at the lowest minimum order quantity only here on – even get them with FREE shipping, FREE sample, and maybe even at your most convenient price.

Wrap your customized silk fans wedding favors and personalized silk hand fans in one of our hand fan sleeves and pouches, which are equally made of Asian fabric, for the best impact when giving them as Asian gifts. And, don't forget to arm your party, too, with our wide range of personalized paper fans, personalized sandalwood fans, and other types of Asian hand fans, which you can equally hand as wedding or party favors or use as Asian hand fan decorations. Happy Shopping!