Sandalwood Fan, Wood Fans

Add these Sandalwood Fans to your wedding, party favors, best gift ideas, Asian decor, and daily essentials to ace a mood of polished charm and elegance. Cut from sandalwood, each of them will greet you or their lucky recipient with the sweet, calming, and exotic scent of sandalwood at every unfolding while their ornately-carved and decorated tan-colored ribs will set the lavish tone for your wedding, chic celebration, decorating theme, and relaxation time. Have these Chinese sandalwood fans and wood hand fans to keep you always ready for the humid weather or stash them to create a sweet-smelling wedding or party scene that resonates romantic opulence in Asian style.

Be Surrounded by the Breeze and Sweet Scent of Sandalwood

Sandalwood fans are one of man's outstanding and legendary creations. Many would pick them as wedding fans, as elegant gifts, i.e., as Chinese or Japanese gifts, Asian gifts, mother’s day gifts, birthday gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, Christmas gifts, brides' maids gifts, bridal shower gifts, appreciation gifts, and business gifts, and even as party favors, Asian decor, and cooling accessories, and the reasons are pretty clear: They are an attractive and sturdy take for keeping cool, it is always a joyful second to be surrounded by their breeze and the raw but luxurious scent of sandalwood from their ribs, and just a whiff of their faintly-scented ribs already sends a feeling of calm to the senses.

Proudly made by Asian hand fan artisans, each of this sandalwood fan and wood hand fan is made an ornamental masterpiece and cooling accessory by their ornately carved-through wooden ribs, which depict auspicious Asian patterns, such as for love, good luck, and prosperity. Select styles may also feature an auspicious Asian-themed wood art, which is a hand-painted, engraved, or pyrography-designed detail on the front. Some styles may, as well, come as value packs or include a lucky Chinese knot tassel and a velvet-lined case for storage.

In addition to a stunning look, your sandalwood fans and wood hand fans are a dependable take for keeping cool up to a very hot and humid weather in summer, in the tropics, and in the desert. Each of them is fully ribbed with sandalwood or other type of Asian wood, which is soft enough to permit highly-detailed wood art, like laser cutting, and is secured at the sticks with a nylon cord and at the handle with a metal pin.

Often requiring just a graceful snap to open and close, your sandalwood fans and wood fans are also strong enough to withstand even heavy fanning. And while they tend to share their natural wood material's lightweight and semi-pliable quality, you can rest knowing that they are set for long-term use. Keep your wood fans in tip-top shape, especially preserve your sandalwood hand fan's precious scent, by putting them inside their hand fan pouch, box, or sleeve (sold separately) after every use.

Stay Comfortable While Making a Lasting Impression

Sandalwood fans and wood hand fans are a renowned accessory for keeping cool, but in the hands of a lady and in the hands of your family, friends, guests, and special someone, they can turn into a beautiful work of art and a timeless, cooling accessory that is always admired.

So stay comfortable while making a lasting impression wherever you go – especially this summer, while traveling, and while staying in the tropics during the dry season – by having a sandalwood fan or wood hand fan always close at hand and in your bag, pocket, car, or drawer for keeping cool. Also amass these sandalwood fans and wood fans as lucky gifts, wedding fans, and hand fan favors for your family, friends, and guests and see these masterfully-crafted Asian fans simultaneously treat everyone in your guest and gift lists to the grandeur of Asian wood art and to a beautiful, calming, and unforgettable wedding or party experience.

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What is Sandalwood?

Sandalwood, or the Sandal tree, is a class of sweet-smelling evergreen tree that is native to the tropical regions of Asia, like India, Nepal, and Indonesia, as well as some parts of Australia and Hawaii. They have yellowish and fine-grained aromatic wood and a sweet-smelling oil develops at the center of their trunk after they reach about 15 to 20 years. As they age, the wood color of sandalwood also turns dark and they are considered mature at 60 years old.

Sandalwood oil, which is transparent in color, has a light yellow shade, and a warm woody scent, is in great demand everywhere and such is obtained from the roots of the sandalwood trees after the tree has matured to the age of 40 to 80 years. Its medicinal properties are widely recognized in Ayurvedic medicine, or Hindu traditional medicine, in Chinese medicine, and among many others, thus, when harvested, it is processed as an ingredient for cosmetics, soaps, scented candles and essential oil for aromatherapy, and perfumes. The outer bark of the sandalwood tree, on the other hand, is mostly used for carving and decorative articles, just like the case of our sandalwood hand fans.

History of Wood Fans

Sandalwood fans were invented in China during the 19th century, thus they are also known in Asia as the traditional Chinese wood fans. Like bamboo, ivory, bone, and mica, which were among the already renowned Chinese hand fan frames or slats when the sandal wood were started to be used for making hand fans, sandalwood slats were carved in elegant and elaborate patterns, finished with a lacquer to become handy and more visually appealing, and then crafted as folding fans that were leafed with a fabric or paper.

The pleasant characteristic of sandalwood fans, particularly the soft and easy to engrave characteristics of their wooden ribs, as well as the aromatic breeze that they offer, made them rise to popularity as a Chinese wood craft. Thus, from being merely used as hand fan frames, Asian hand fan artisans soon after made them as engraved sandalwood fans, painted wood fans, and ornamental wood fans , which are masterfully-crafted with the various forms of Asian wood art, like relief carving, wood burn art, painting, and intricate cutting techniques.

Owned initially by Asia's elite society, technological advancements, like the rise of laser cutting machines, enabled the Asian hand fan artisans to create more beautiful sandalwood hand fans with a smoother and finer texture than the handmade ones until the latter has become commonplace for everyone's enjoyment.