Straw Hand Fans

Feel pampered by the strong breeze that these Straw Fans, Buri Fans, and Raffia fans can lend. These iconic tropical hand fans from Southeast Asia are made using the natural fronds and dried stalks of the stately Buri palm, thus while giving you the right tropical detail, their every wave will give you the feel of being cooled by the tropical breeze. Spoil yourself and your guests with our value packs for these natural straw fans and feel at home in the tropics having them as the beach wedding fans, palm hand fan favors, tropical accents, and promotional fans for your beach wedding, sunset cocktail parties, garden or seaside affair, island or beach resort, and outdoor events.

Celebrate Asian Ingenuity with these Tropical Hand Fans

Exotic and a trusted choice for keeping cool even during the sultriest days in summer, these straw hand fans, buri fans, and raffia fans will instantly transport your guests to the feeling of coming home to the breezy, laid-back, and tranquil atmosphere of your wedding and party's beach or tropical island destination. Gather these straw fans, Buri fans, or raffia fans at the entrance of your wedding or party venue for your guests to pick one for themselves. Hang them from brightly-hued satin ribbons on the arm of your guests' chair as welcome gifts. Or, lay them on each guest's charger plate along with a name card to make for tropical-style place card holders and takeaway hand fan favors.

These straw fans, buri fans, and raffia fans catch the eyes with their heart-shaped leaf, which is meticulously woven using the soft and pliant fronds of the Buri palm. Each of them also has a well-designed handle, which is stiffened by the dried stalks of the buri fronds. Being made of natural leaves, these straw fans show-off the natural beauty of the grains of their buri fronds but unlike other palm fans, they are gifted with a smooth, silken texture and a cool touch, which is akin to the feel of fresh palm leaves. As a natural handicraft, each of them is also unique, thus, an inadvertent variation in the size and color of natural straw fans, buri fans, or raffia fans of the same size and shade is expected.

Celebrate Asian ingenuity by having these straw fans, buri fans, and raffia hand fans for your wedding fans, hand fan favors, and promotional fans, as well as take them wherever you go this summer – whether to the beach, a pool party, a breezy hang-out in the park or garden, to your backyard barbecue party, or a sight-seeing adventure and more – to ensure seamless fun and comfort. Go for the largest straw fans that you can for keeping your guests cool during the sultriest days in summer and when spending time under the sun and pull out the smaller-sized straw fans, buri fans, or raffia fans when all you need is to enhance their comfort of partying or lounging in a breezy indoor or outdoor space.

Fantastic Hand Fans that the Family Will Enjoy

These straw fans, buri fans, and raffia fans are fantastic hand fans that you and the entire family will enjoy. Having even just a piece of them in your home, in your baby's play room, in your car, and among your travel essentials greatly quiets your concern about the need for a trusty and handy tool for keeping yourself cool and for ensuring your child's comfort. With our straw fans bulk pack, you already get to own straw fans in various sizes, so there will be one that is perfect as gift for your tiny tot, to share to everyone in the family, and to ensure that the various areas of the home frequented by your family or planned for social entertaining has a straw fan ready for keeping cool.

Made to Last and Answer Your Various Needs

We prefer these Buri hand fans and Raffia hand fans for your palm leaf fans and straw fans not only because of the strong breeze that they can lend, but also because of the trusted durable and lasting quality of their palm leaf material. While semi-pliable, they are guaranteed to last many uses, as well as withstand heavy fanning. Other palm leaf hand fans may lose their naturally silken texture in time, but these buri fans and raffia fans are bound to keep theirs even with the slightest upkeep. Same goes true for your painted and colored straw fans, which are also excellent at keeping their vibrant color for a very long time.

With these straw fans' light weight, just a light wave is usually all it takes for you or their user to enjoy their strong breeze. There is even no need to worry about accidentally getting them wet in-between uses because they can be easily cleaned with a simple wipe. What's more, they have their naturally glossy surface that helps to protect them from dust, dirt, and stains.

Help Lessen Global Warming, Buy Eco-Friendly!

Help lessen global warming by going for these straw fans, buri fans, and raffia fans, which are 100% made of environment-friendly materials. Your every purchase of them also helps in the furtherance of the handicrafts industry and livelihood programs in Southeast Asia for their local weavers. So amass these straw fans cheap wholesale or bulk here on – even get them with FREE shipping with your order worth $100 and above. Use these straw fans as they are, craft them as party-perfect buri fans for weddings, hand them to your guests as party fans or souvenirs, personalize them with your company logo or cool artwork to turn them into welcome gifts for the guests of your beach resort or hotel, decorate them as tropical fans, and more. There is certainly no bound as to how and where you can enjoy these straw hand fans. So shop away and get ready to experience their great kind of cooling experience!

A Proud Product from the Tropic's Stately Palm

Palm hand fans are one of the highly-coveted products from the tropical region's many types of palm trees, and among them are the straw fans, particularly the Buri Fans, which are handmade using the dried fronds and stalks of the tropic's stately palm, named Buri.

Buri, or scientifically known as Corypha elata, is one of the largest palm trees in the world. It grows to a height of up to over 120 feet and its trunk can grow to as much as five (5) feet in diameter. They are native to the tropical countries in Asia, especially the Philippines, where they are considered as the country’s largest and most stately palm. Like the coconut and many other types of tropical palm trees, the different parts of buri are utilized for economical and industrial uses. Once in their life, they produce thousands to millions of greenish-white flowers, which individually measure 5 to 6 millimeters and turn into small round fruits and seeds. And after which, the buri palm dies.

Buri palm trees have large, fan-shaped leaves, which measure up to three (3) meters long and which is the source of three (3) types of fibers that are all utilized for various types of natural handicrafts. These are the: Buri, which is obtained from the matured leaf of the palm; the Raffia or the very fine fiber from its young shoot or unopened leaf; and, the Buntal, which is extracted from the petiole of the buri palm's leaf.

In addition to hand fans, the fronds of the buri are used to create many other types of palm leaf crafts. Among which are the buri palm leaf boxes, gift bags, and tote bags which are in-demand for packaging gifts, products, and wedding favors; the buri doll hats, party hats, and sun hats; buri palm leaf balls, which are popular as tropical decorations and props for dance; chopsticks sleeves, belts, and many others.