Hand Fan Accessories

Without these Hand Fan Accessories, your personalized fans and hand fans will be incomplete! So, embellish theme with these hand fan favor bags, hand fan sleeves, hand fan pouch, and hand fan tassels. Just like Yin and Yang, these understated hand fan accessories complement your beautiful hand fans perfectly. They can be viewed as the soul of your hand fans, too, for one cannot imagine an Asian fan, for example, without a tassel or a favor fan without a favor bag. And, there are the hand fan sleeves, which protect your folding fans from breaking, and the tassels, which can give your old hand fans a new look. Thus, never underestimate your hand fans' accessories. Whether you need favor bags for fans, hand fan sleeves, or hand fan tassels, PersonalizedFanStore.com has got you covered!

The Perfect Hand Fan Sleeves and Favor Bags

Finding the perfect hand fan is insufficient. You will need a hand fan sleeve to shield the paper or fabric leaf of your folding fan from dirt. You will need a hand fan pouch or a hand fan box to protect the ribs and nylon string, which holds the frame of your wood fans, together from breaking inside your bag or while being kept in storage. And, you will need organza bags for fans not only as stylish gift wraps for your hand fan party favors and hand fans for sale, but also as hand fan sleeves, which sheer quality makes it easy for your guests and customers to see the beauty and color of the fan, although it is closed – it may even prevent them from trying out all your folding fans and then leaving them unfolded or closed improperly.

Thus, when it comes to the perfect hand fan sleeves and favor bags, it should greatly depend on your hand fans’ need for protection and on your personal style. Organza favor bags for fans are very popular because they are smart, economical, easy to use, available in a wide range of colors, and with careful handling, they can last for years as hand fan sleeves for folding fans. Silk hand fan sleeves are another famous pick because they are elegant, available in a wide range of colorful designs, and durable for lasting use. Hand fan sleeves, which are made of linen, sateen, cotton, linen, and flannel are also among the hand fan sleeves perfect for everyday hand fans. And, if you are looking for unique hand fan sleeves, you really ought to try the kimono fabric hand fan sleeves, which are made of the same fabric that is used to make the Japanese kimono, which is one of the most expensive traditional Asian clothes.

Hand Fan Tassels for Added Beauty and Style

Tassels are those colorful fringe-like hanging ornaments, which bring more beauty, color, and a dainty style to hand fans. They have a long history of use in Asia, where they are considered as a symbol of protection and good luck. Hand fan tassels can be easily hung on the tassel rings or hoops of folding fans. They can also be used on paddle fans, like the traditional Chinese silk fans and Japanese paddle fans, sewn as hanging decorations on fabric hand fan sleeves, or glued as Asian-inspired ornaments on your hand fan gift box.

Shop the Best Variety of Hand Fan Accessories!

Here on PersonalizedFanStore.com, you can find the best variety of hand fan accessories – from organza bags for favor fans to the highly-coveted kimono hand fan sleeves and hand fan tassels. Curated for their versatility and durable make so that you or their recipients can enjoy them for the years to come, you will never go wrong with any of the hand fan style that you buy here on PersonalizedFanStore.com!