Paddle Fans

When it comes to Paddle Fans, there isn't only your paper paddle fans, wedding paddle fans, personalized paddle fans, and stick fans because Asia's famous silk paddle fans and Chinese palace fans have already invaded! So get the silk or paper paddle fans that you need for your guests' comfort. Be the one to let them experience the glamour of the centuries-old famous Chinese palace fans. And, your give wedding paddle fans, personalized stick fans, and promotional fans the exciting makeover of your logo or artwork. A cooling, gifting, and party essential, no totally chill wedding or event should ever do without these paddle fans.

Perfect for Casual Days and Outdoor Events

Anyone who looks to hand fans for accessories and for keeping cool will surely attest that no matter how much they love their folding fan, they can never be without a great piece of paddle hand fan. Paddle fans are extremely easy to use. The fact that they have a wide non-folding leaf, which is usually made of a stiff and durable material, presents as a plus because such enables them to lend a strong breeze and withstand strong fanning motions. On a sunny day, they can also be relied upon as temporary shield for the face and eyes from the heat and glare of the sun. Thus, they are the perfect hand fans for casual days and outdoor events, especially during the summer.

Paddle fans also abound in many different shapes, styles, sizes, and designs. There are posh paddle hand fans, like the Oriental silk paddle fans and the classic Renaissance or Medieval Period-inspired feather fans, which can actually go as accessories for dressy ensembles, like the Chinese cheongsam and ball gown, respectively. Very convenient, meanwhile, for almost every need are the paper paddle fans and stick fans because they are affordable and available in many designs, thus their popularity as promotional fans, wedding program fans, logo fans, hand fan wedding favors, party favors, hand fan crafts for kids and adults alike, and many more. For a sophisticated route, there are the silk paddle fans, which are not only elegant, but also a dependable choice for keeping cool during the warm and sultry days in summer.

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