Sheer Cloth Hand Fan

Sheer Cloth Hand Fan
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Sale Price :$0.85

It is these Sheer Cloth Hand Fans classy-colored frame that will instantly give a dashing style to your ensembles. Large-sized, thus, they have their strong breeze to keep you cool on warm and humid days, these sheer cloth hand fans also flaunt the most beautiful laser-cut bamboo frame, which beauty is perfectly topped-off by the glamorous appeal of their painted sheer cloth hand fan leaf.

  • These Sheer Cloth Hand Fans are sold individually
  • Made of intricately-cut bamboo with sheer cloth
  • Each measures 9.25" height x 16" wide (fully opened)
  • Cloth sold in random colors & patterns
  • Actual cloth design may vary from pictures shown
  • Please contact us at Info@PersonalizedFanStore.Com

Sheer Cloth Hand fans are handcrafted in China.
Processing Time: 1-2 business days (excludes shipping time)

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