Painted Silk Folding Fan

Painted Silk Folding Fan
Painted Silk Folding Fan
Painted Silk Folding Fan
Painted Silk Folding Fan
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These Painted Silk Chinese Folding Fans exude a very feminine and youthful appeal. No wonder why they are highly popular among the fashionable young girls and ladies, not only for keeping cool, but also as fashion accessories, party fans, wedding fans, special occasion gifts, and hand fan party favors. Leafed with pastel-colored silk that is hand-painted with Asian flowers, these painted Chinese silk fans will further catch the heart at every unfolding because of the lovely look of the hearts and floral cutout designs on their bamboo frame. They also fold to a pocket-friendly size, so they are easy to take anywhere. And, with them on your side, you can be confident about looking and staying fresh all day – even under the summer sun – because of the refreshing breeze that they lend.

  • These Painted Silk Chinese Folding Fans are sold individually
  • Color available: Sky Blue. Made of intricately-carved bamboo and painted silk
  • Each also measures 8.5" long x 14" wide (when fully opened)
  • Sold in random floral patterns. Personalized silk fans are also available
  • Organza favor bags are sold and packaged separately (Add only $0.50 per bag)
  • Please contact us at Info@PersonalizedFanStore.Com

Silk folding fans are handcrafted in China
Processing Time: 1-2 Business Days (Excludes Shipping Time)

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