Personalized Sake Cups and Sake Bottles

These Personalized Sake Cups and Sake Bottles are the best way to usher them to the wonderful world of Sake! Host with delight or deliver these personalized sake cups and personalized sake bottles for your premium Japanese gifts or Asian gifts knowing that these will make every sip of their Sake a very special one. Aside from being perfect for sushi, sashimi, chicken, vegetables, fruits, desserts, and as an after-dinner drink, sake is a fabulous drink for bonding moments – from giving guests a warm welcome to enhancing the rapport between your associates and celebrating a special occasion, like a family reunion, Japanese or Asian festival, birthday, and anniversary.

Grab Your Mates and Have a Shot!

Japan's famous rice wine or Sake has been enjoyed since around 300 B.C. And, with over 5,000 brands of sake to try today, plus a pretty extensive variety of sake profiles, sake cocktails, and an ever-changing array of seasonal sake that are all waiting to be discovered, your restaurant, intimate bar house, upmarket izikaya, shimmering sake boutique, sake tasting flights, and special occasions are always in abundance of the best sake and sake cocktails to offer in addition to or as alternative to beer, wine, whisky, and other boozy drinks.

In the same way that wine is enjoyed in wine glasses, sake is also enjoyed in special drink ware – the sake cups and sake bottles. As for your choices for the same, it is easy to see why these personalized sake cups and personalized sake bottles are the best companion to your guests and to your mates' sake: They are elegant and a pleasure to drink from having been handpicked from the best among their class. And, they are specially labeled with the lasting print or engraving of your guest's name or with your message, logo, or design, thus, they instantly strike the fancy of all your guests and they genuinely connect with all your mates, resulting to a more delightful sake experience.

So, if you are looking to update your sake cups and sake carafe, if you would like to give your guests an authentic Japanese sake bar or izikaya experience, if you are planning to freshen-up the energy of your restaurant, and if this season is about building-up your brand and expanding your product offerings and promotional items, then give these personalized sake cups and personalized sake bottles a go!

Design Your Own Sake Ware

Choose your new favorite Japanese masu, wooden sake cups, porcelain sake cups, and sake bottles from our highly-curated selection of sake ware, personalize them with an exclusive clip art from our gallery, or have them custom printed or engraved with your message, logo, or design! We print or laser engrave your order right here on our hub, so you are guaranteed of these custom sake bottles and sake cups cheap wholesale or bulk price. High-quality, these personalized sake bottles and custom sake cups are perfect for your restaurant, sake bar, party, entertaining needs, promotional items, gifting needs, and as the premium addition to your store's merchandise or products for sale.

FREE laser engraving from a minimum order of one (1) piece is also available for select styles of wooden sake cups. Shopping here on, you can also enjoy our online shopping perks, like the FREE Shipping* for your order worth $150 and above, rush production options, low international shipping rates, and safe and convenient payment methods. So, design your own sake cups and sake bottles. Or, mix-and-match your custom sake cups and personalized sake bottles to build your own personalized sake set!