Saa Hand Fans

Saa Hand Fans or Saa Paper Fans are leafed with mulberry paper, which is known in its native country, Thailand, as Saa paper. Graced by the naturally long fibers of mulberry, which are embedded within their sheets and which makes for their exceptional strength and fiber-roughed texture, no two (2) pieces of these Saa hand fans are also alike as their saa paper sheets are made and decorated by hand. Truly one of the deluxe products from Asia, these saa hand fans are so right for you who loves uncommon, attractive, and durable paper fans that is a signature product of Asia.

Saa Hand Fans Facts and Features

These saa hand fans or saa paper fans feature the classic design of the half-moon-shaped folding fans and they are framed with naturally-finished wood or bamboo sticks, which are held together by a screw-type metal fastener, and finished with premium quality, handmade saa paper. Soft but thick saa paper sheets make these saa hand fans reliable as cooling accessories, although such also prompts them for the need to be folded and opened carefully at first use and until each of their fold has been properly established.

Types of Saa Paper Fans

Beating the summer heat and using paper hand fans to give your outdoor wedding and festive celebrations a happy mood is easy when you have these saa hand fans as they flaunt vivid colors in deep or pastel hues and are available in an array of styles to suit your taste, i.e.,:

Solid-colored saa paper hand fans. Simple-looking but made extraordinary by the natural beauty of saa paper, solid-colored saa paper hand fans or plain-colored saa paper hand fans offer endless creative ideas for your color-themed wedding and special occasions, you can customize them, too, with a hand-painted design, like a monogram, company logo, or artwork.

Exotic Saa Paper Fans. Apparently an interesting twist to the plain-colored saa paper fans, exotic saa paper fans are naturally-speckled or have mulberry fibers that are dyed in a slightly darker shade, such that the latter appear to float over their saa paper leaf.

Painted Saa Paper Hand Fans. Gilded saa paper fans, which are ornately hand-painted with gold patterns that are often referenced as Oriental, baroque, Tibetan, or Bohemian designs, account for the most popular variety of painted saa paper hand fans and why not, they never fail to standout as a practical and elegant wedding favor and pass for that unique Chinese gift, business gift, or Asian decor.

Gilded saa paper fans may also come with matching saa paper parasols umbrellas or saa umbie that are sure to grace your daytime celebrations and brighten up your evening parties, respectively, with a fine Oriental flair, but if multi-hued saa hand fans are what you seek, our painted saa paper fans that feature colorful Oriental paintings are your best bet.

Saa Paper Fans with Pressed Flowers or Leaves. Real flower petals and fallen leaves highlight these another classic favorite for weddings saa paper hand fans. Each flower petal and leaf that decorate this type of saa paper fan has been carefully-preserved, thus they are fairly able to retain their natural color, and has been embedded onto each hand fan's saa paper sheet, so you will never have to worry that they might accidentally fall one day while fanning.

Keep your saa paper fan in tip-top shape by protecting them from dust, from getting wet, or by putting them inside a hand fan pouch or hand fan sleeve after every use. You may also want to try the beauty of decorating your party venue, especially the wedding aisle, with saa paper parasols, or shed onto the latter an awesome soft-glowing light using our saa umbie or paper lanterns.

What is Saa Paper?

Saa paper, also known as Mulberry Paper, is a strong, soft, and naturally-textured traditionally handmade paper that is sourced from the bark of the mulberry tree, scientifically named as Broussonetia Papyrifera Vent, which is, essentially, considered as a weed that readily and usually grows across the well-irrigated soils of Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.1,2

They are manufactured following a series of simple paper-making procedures, such as the harvesting of the bark, soaking the latter in cold water for about a day to soften and become pliable, bleaching the mulberry fibers so they achieve a uniform color, sorting the fibers for quality, and drying which subsequently turns them into paper, but which must be carefully followed, are time-consuming, and, sometimes, challenged by the vagaries of the weather.

Saa paper sheets are colored with vegetable dye and come in varying thickness, sizes, and designs. They can be used for a wide array of paper crafts, such as the making of hand fans, gift boxes, greeting cards, bags, albums, lampshades, paper parasols, and many others, and can be directly printed, painted, or drawn upon.