Personalized Sandalwood Fans

Let these Personalized Sandalwood Fans and Personalized Wood Hand Fans turn your time under the sun into a fun, calming and refreshing moment because of the sweet and restorative fragrance of sandalwood, which lingers endlessly and naturally from their wooden ribs and because of the captivating imprint of your wedding logo, monogram, cool artwork or custom text on their front or side.

Personalized Sandalwood Fans, Personalized Sandalwood Hand Fans

Keep calm and stay cool with these personalized sandalwood fans and personalized sandalwood hand fans. The perfect hand fans for the perfume-lover, each of these personalized sandalwood fan and personalized sandalwood hand fan is a flattering masterpiece that is made by hand fan artisans in Asia and imprinted or engraved with your custom design here in the USA by our own artists. They flaunt the natural colors of sandalwood, which range from the light to warm shades of taupe, and are gifted with a unique woody texture, the very fine aroma of sandalwood which lasts for a very long time, and captivating designs, which are rendered as intricate carving on their wooden ribs.

You can customize these sandalwood fans with a short message, your event's details, company logo, monogram, or original artwork, which will be printed vividly in a colour of your choice on their front or guard sides. We have thirteen (13) different color inks and eighteen (18) font types for you to choose from for your custom design, so you can basically turn a sandalwood hand fan style from our selection into millions of styles. Free hand fan gift box is also available for select personalized sandalwood fan styles, you can also check out our hand fan pouches, which are made of silk, brocade, satin, kimono fabric, and other types of Asian textiles, to give your personalized sandalwood fans and personalized sandalwood fan favors the classy finishing touch that you need.

Sandalwood fans, while instantly recognized as aromatic hand fans, are also renowned as one of the best-loved mediums for traditional Asian art, especially wood carving and pyrography or wood-burn art, because of the naturally soft and slightly bendy but durable quality of sandalwood. Their healing aroma is also known to help clear the mind, soothe tension and anxiety, and uplift the senses, thus they are not only useful as cooling accessories on a warm to very humid weather, but also smart and handy as stress-reliever on a hectic day. Don't miss the amazing designs and utility of our personalized sandalwood fans and personalized sandalwood hand fans or shop them as Asian gifts, personalized sandalwood fans wedding favors, and personalized sandalwood fan favors for your outdoor parties and special occasions.