Wholesale Drop-Ship

Shop personalized fans wholesale or drop-ship Asian hand fans and instantly grow your business and extra income!

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a great way to do business and start your own online business. With drop-shipping, you can instantly start your own business or expand your merchandise inventory with zero capital simply by listing the personalized fans and Asian hand fans for sale here on Personalized Fan Store on your web store, like in Amazon, eBay, Kaboodle, and Ecwid, website, or blog.

You will be priced for the products at wholesale price, so you have full control of your profit. Once you receive an order, you can instantly get your profit. To process your customer's order, simply place an order of the same product here on our store and we will ship it directly from our warehouse to your customer's destination or desired shipping address.

How to participate in your wholesale and drop-shipping services?

Simply send us an email at info@personalizedfanstore.com for your wholesale inquiries and we'll get back to you immediately with all the exciting information that you need to know.

How does drop-shipping works?

The following is a 5-step guide to drop-shipping:
  • List the products here on our store that you want to sell on your online store at your desired selling price.
  • Receive an order from your customers.
  • Sign in or Register an account here on PersonalizedFanStore.com.
  • Place your customer's order on our store.
  • On Checkout: Be sure to fill up the Shipping Information with your customer's shipping details.
You will then receive an email confirmation of your order. Once your order leaves our warehouse, tracking information will be sent to you by email. Your order will then be shipped directly to your customer's destination or desired shipping address.

Check Out the Benefits!

Sell over 150 hand fan styles.
Instantly expand your product portfolio without maintaining a physical inventory of them simply by listing the personalized fans and Asian hand fans that you want to sell on your web store. You do not have to buy all the exciting hand fan products offered here on our store at once. You do not even have to invest a cent to be able to start or expand your business with us. Consider our warehouse as the extension of your warehouse but pay or buy only that which has been ordered by your customer.

No drop-ship fee.
No monthly fees. No annual fees. No setup fees. Simply tell us by email of your wholesale inquiries to know the exciting perks and profits that await you and you are ready to go in business.

Domestic and international shipping.
Enjoy the privilege of selling your products within the United States and to these international destinations: Aruba, Austria, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Canada. Cayman Islands, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Guam, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kuwait, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Virgin Islands (British).

Did not find your customer's country on the list? No worries! Check for a consolidated shipping program that is available in your customer's country, like USA2Everywhere.com, and enjoy seamless shipping of your customer's orders from our warehouse to the rest of the world.

Hassle-free shipping.
No need to incur additional overhead costs for packaging and shipping! Please check out our shipping information to know the fine print about our order shipping and free shipping privileges.

One-account setup.
Once you sign up or register for an account, you can then accept and place as many orders as you can here on PersonalizedFanStore.com.

Flexible payment options.
Conveniently pay your order via credit card, cashier's check, money order, or personal check.

Why Drop-Ship with PersonalizedFanStore.com?

PersonalizedFanStore.com is a BBB-accredited e-commerce business that is a direct importer of authentic hand fans from Asia. We also specialize in the customization of hand fans for weddings, favors, gifts, souvenirs, business or product promotion, and many others. Personalized fans and Asian hand fans have a lucrative market in the wedding, parties, events, and marketing promotions industries, so you can enjoy not just an expanded product portfolio with them, but also an expanded market base.

Be sure to email us and check out our FAQ to know more about the exciting perks and benefits that PersonalizedFanStore.com has for you to offer.

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