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Buy Promotional Fans and Personalized Fans for Wedding, Favors, and Giveaways

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Hand Fans that Flatter Your Personal Style

When it comes to hand fans, there are many styles that you can choose from. For wedding fans, you will never go wrong with the opulent and classy look of lace fans, silk fans, and sandalwood fans, which make stunning and functional accessories for the bride, bridesmaids, and the wedding guests. For dressy celebrations and evening events, you can go glittery with sequin hand fans or don a playful style with feather fans. And to match solid-colored ensembles and Asian clothing, you can opt for the cheery looks of painted silk fans or printed cloth fans.

For hand fan favors, paper fans are usually the instant bet and here on PersonalizedFanStore.com, they come in at least three (3) types, e.g., (1) The folding paper fans, which are typically fashioned after the Japanese hand fans for summer, called the Sensu; and, the (2) Paper paddle fans, which modern brides prefer for their church fans, wedding program fans, and even as invitation fans. Leafed with high-quality paper, paper fans can actually keep your guests cool for a beach or desert wedding in summer and they are your best source for the widest range of hand fan colors.

For hand fans that flatter your personal style, there is our irresistible variety of Chinese and Japanese silk fans, which feature colorful and auspicious Asian motifs, plus the classic favorite for favors and souvenirs, the personalized paper fans, silk fans, and wood fans, which you can customize with a single-colored print of your logo, monogram, or artwork on the front of their leaf or with a colored print or engraving of your custom text on their guard sides. Select hand fan styles can also be printed with your photo and may even include their own gift box.

Whether you need hand fans for wedding, for favors, for special occasion and business gifts, for promoting your business' brand, product, or services, wholesale hand fans and personalized fans for your business inventory, as props for dance, Asian costume, and many more, we guarantee that you will find here PersonalizedFanStore.com the perfect hand fans here that will suit your needs or their lucky recipient's taste.

The Perfect Hand Fans for the Season

Hand fans can easily be transitioned as cooling implements, fashion accessories, decorating accents and even as protective gears, i.e., as a quick shield from the rain, the heat and glare of the sun, and the dust, and this stylish versatility actually makes them great to tote all-year-round. Having hand fans on your wedding and special occasions will also add character to your event, especially in summer when they can be the most helpful tool for keeping your guests from becoming upset about the hot and humid weather.

Thus, in addition to their purpose as cooling accessories, your wedding fans and party hand fans should complement the mood and theme of your affair. Will you be having a smart casual or formal wedding or party? Then paper fans and silk fans, respectively, should be alright for favors. Will you be having an outdoor or indoor celebration? Then your hand fan favors should be able to withstand the outdoor elements, like drizzles, and be strategically placed in areas where they will not be easily blown away by the wind. You can also keep the following quick guide in mind when choosing the perfect hand fan favors for your wedding and party's season:

Paper Fans. An all-time favorite for special occasions, paper fans are usually cheap as they are fairly easy to make and their material can be easily sourced in a wide array of colors, so finding the one that meets both your budget and choice of color and style is quick and easy. As they are usually made of card stock or cardboard, paper fans can very well serve your need for a cooling device up to warm summer weather, but if you think they are good for a few uses only, wait until you see our Asian paper fans, which are made from premium Japanese paper, Saa paper, or mulberry paper. They exhibit a unique paper texture, which would surely make you feel closer to nature and inspire you to keep them on a frame as an Asian souvenir or work of art.

Straw Hand Fans or buri fans are heart-shaped fans with a weave-like surface. They are a native product of the tropical countries and are handmade using the dried palm fronds of the buri. Taking cue from the hot and humid weather of the tropics, straw hand fans can be highly relied upon for a cool and gentle breeze amidst a hot summer's day. While looking delicate and bulky, straw hand fans are actually durable and handy, you can even fold them inside a roomy handbag, and they are the perfect hand fans to complete any tropical setting.

Cloth Fans or Fabric Fans are typically made of cotton cloth fabric, which come in a huge assortment of colors, patterns, and prints. While you and your wedding guests can easily take plain-colored cloth fans from the party tables to their office desk, you can also shake things up a little bit with cloth fans wedding favors or party souvenirs that feature prints, which aesthetically match the season or theme of your occasion.

Silk Hand Fans are actually great as accessories all-year-round and they are made a thing of luxury by the elegant sheen of natural silk or the patterns of silk brocade, which makes them smart for a formal party setting. Due to the well-dyeing nature of silk, silk fans can keep their vivid color for a long time while the thickness of silk enables them to lend the same light to moderate breeze that cloth fans offer, which is enough to comfort your crowd amidst a humid atmosphere, or keep you cool when you travel under the hot summer's sun.

Wood Hand Fans are completely made of natural wood, thus by being able to withstand both dry and wet conditions, they are a good choice for both the warm and cold months. Their wooden ribs are frequently styled with striking cutouts that are often complemented with a colorful hand-painting and they create a sharp, snapping sound when flipped open. Generally, wood hand fans that are thicker and larger in size are considered more efficient in giving off a refreshing breeze enough to keep you cool over the summer months. While sandalwood hand fans are highly popular among their kind as they greet you with the musky smell of sandalwood, you surely won't go wrong also picking up painted wood fans, which give-off a delicately fragrant and refreshing breeze.

Lace Fans can easily make it as a treasured collection, bridal fans, as a Spanish accessory, or a gift for a special lady because of the very fine and luxurious design of their lace fabric. Lace fans may be priced higher than your average hand fans because what you pay for them is basically the intricate handwork or lacework, which you may never find anywhere else. If you are looking for lace fans that will keep you cool for a summer outdoor event or while you are don in your heavy bridal dress, opt for thick-laced fans with fewer open holes as they tend to give more air over the thin-laced fans that feature a lot of open holes, which are perfect for the cooler months.

Feather Fans are formed by a group of real or faux bird, ostrich, turkey, or goose feathers that are fixed on a wooden or plastic fan frame, thus the delicate nature of feathers basically require them to be used for careful fanning while their light breeze makes them just the right choice for the cold seasons. While reminiscent of the earliest hand fans in Egypt, they are also popular in Chinese dances and imperial ceremonies to bring the inspiration of the phoenix. When used on special occasions, the inherently sophisticated design of feather fans never fails to make them standout as a statement piece, thus, they can let you rock a spectacular event with their exquisite avian-inspired design.

Hand Fan Shapes and Styles

These days, we are presented with many hand fan shapes and styles and on top of the interesting variety they provide, we should first think about how their shape and style actually influence their portability and functionality, especially if we are sending them as gifts and destination party favors. Read through our guide below to know which hand fan shapes and styles suit you best:

Folding Fans refer to the fans, which can be minimized to a rectangular shape and compact size, thus they can be easily slipped into a bag, drawer, or pocket and handy for traveling and souvenirs. Three (3) of the most popular styles of the folding fans are the Japanese summer fans, which open to the shape of a half-moon; the Cockade Fans, which are circle fans with thin, rectangular guard sticks – usually made of hollow metal – that serve as their handle when opened and to where their leaf is hidden in accordion style when the fan is closed; and, Fontage Fans or shell-shaped hand fans with center sticks that are longer than their guard sticks.

Non-Bending Fans have a leaf that is not designed to be folded into a compact size, thus how they always flaunt their design makes them popular as promotional fans and how most of them are leafed large enough to shield the face from the sun's heat and glare, as well as lend a strong breeze, make them a popular option as summer fans in the tropics. Like the paddle fans, non-bending fans can be leafed with a stiff material that is fixed to a handle. Like the Chinese palace fans, their leaf – though pliable – may also be fixed to a sturdy frame. And, like the straw fans, their leaf may be pliable and not secured on a fixed frame, but they can be folded partly.

Battery Fans, particularly the battery-operated hand fans, are your answer to effortless fanning. They have tiny blades, which are attached to a palm-sized battery compartment and which rotate when the fan is switched on, thus give you a cool and gentle breeze.

The Main Parts of the Folding Fans

Know your hand fans like a pro with our quick rundown of the main parts of folding fans.

Guard sticks. The first and last, or outer sticks, which are usually thicker, wider, and stronger. They serve as the main support of the folding fan, are usually designed elaborately, and are visible when the fan is closed.

Ribbing. The group of sticks that are secured in-between the guard sticks. Each rib of a folding fan consists of two parts: The sticks, which are the wider part that serve as the main skeletal framework and the ribs, or slips, which are the narrow part of the ribs to where the leaf of the paper fan, like cloth, paper, or silk, is attached.

Leaf. Considered as the main body of the folding fan, this refers to the sheet of paper, textile, or other material, that is mounted over the slips of the folding fan.

Rivet. The metal pin that secures the guard sticks and the hand fan ribbing together.