Hand Fan Pouches

Hand Fan Pouches and Chopstick Pouches make stylish and reusable hand fan bags, gift wraps, and Oriental pouches for Japanese folding fans and chopsticks. They are specially-sized to fit 8" to 10" long hand fans or chopsticks and made of sateen, cotton batik,ramie, or kimono fabric to match each of your hand fan or chopstick's very fine Asian design.

Hand Fan Pouches and Chopstick Pouches Features

Hand fan pouches and chopstick pouches flaunt a very simple design they are slim and rectangular in shape and have an opening on one of the shorter side, so you only need to slip onto the latter a closed folding fan or chopstick but they will definitely speak volumes about your thoughtfulness, graciousness, and creativity, especially when handing hand fans or chopsticks as gifts, wedding favors, and giveaways, or incorporating them onto your Asian table setting.

How to Embellish Hand Fan Pouches and Chopstick Pouches for Weddings and Asian Parties?

Typically, these hand fan pouches and chopstick pouches will display the tip designs of the latter and you can complement the same for a more stylish Asian presentation by sewing an Asian charm, silk flower, or Chinese tassel, plus a miniature-sized Thank You card or favor tag when giving them as gifts or favors, onto the middle of the length or width of the pouch.

What Makes Hand Fan Pouches and Fabric Chopstick Pouches Both Versatile and Practical?

Our hand fan pouches are made of choice durable fabrics, which makes them perfectly right as pockets for hand fans that are to be kept as souvenirs. The classy femme who loves to keep a folding fan inside her purse or handbag will surely be enthralled also in receiving her elegant hand fan gift inside these simple and corporate-smart to party-perfect hand fan pouches.

As Oriental pouches, these chopstick pouches will not only make for a smart presentation of chopsticks on your Asian dining table, they will also help to keep your chopsticks and chopsticks collection clean, free from scratch, intact by pairs, and protected from being lost or mixed-up with other utensils. What's more, they make smart pockets for chopsticks that you keep in your office drawer or handbag, especially while on travel.

Set the Perfect Asian Party and Dining Table with Hand Fans and Chopsticks on Stylish Oriental Pouches!

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