Sequined Hand Fans

Dazzle while keeping cool with these Sequined Hand Fans. These sparkly hand fans are fashioned after the vintage Spanish fans, thus they catch the eye with their faux ebony and ivory ribs, which are luxuriously detailed in gold, and embroidered silk fabric leaf, which is accented with stitched flat and round sequins. Draw the spotlight from the sun to you and to your girls on your wedding day by having these sequin hand fans for your bridal fan and wedding fans, respectively. Grab one to bring a refreshing breeze and happy sparkle to your everyday, off-duty, or party looks. Or, amass these sequin hand fans in all colors as gifts for your family, friends, and loved ones.

Your Perfect Cooling Companion for the Dressiest Occasions

Special occasions are always just around the corner but ordinary days, especially during the warm weather months, should not be an exception for dressing-up in picture-ready style. So get your share of these sequin hand fans, which are simple enough for daily use but which have their shimmering sequins to make for your perfect cooling companion on the dressiest daytime and evening occasions.

At a glance and from afar, these folding sequin hand fans appear to display a half-moon-shaped hand fan leaf with a shimmering and gilded peacock tail-inspired motif. But up-close, their scallop-trimmed fabric leaf presents a beautiful flower garden needlework where the blooms of each flower is emphasized by the gathering of flat and round sequins, which are neatly clustered and stitched on the front of their silken leaf, while their plastic ribs present an imitation of the vintage or antique Spanish hand fan's intricately-carved and gold-painted ivory ribs.

Being leafed with a silken nylon fabric and given their 9" long x 16.5" wide size when opened, these sequined hand fans are large and strong enough to keep you cool on even the hottest days in summer. But because they are ribbed with a thick, hard, and lightweight plastic material, they subsequently boast a durable and lightweight make. It is, thus, easy to enjoy their strong breeze and to pack them light as travel fans.

Unleash Your Inner Charm on Your Special Occasions

Unleash your inner charm on your wedding day, Sweet 16 party, anniversary party, birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, graduation, and other special occasions knowing that you have these dependable sequined bridal fan and party fan in your hand, which brings together your needs for style and comfort. Each of this sequin hand fan folds into a compact size, thus it so easy to carry it around on your wedding or party. And. Each also features a metal ring around the handle, which you can finish with a tassel in a color that suits your mood. And if you find it large enough to fit your bridal bag or evening purse, it's gilded ribs will surely make it just a naturally beautiful accessory in your hand.

Brighten-Up Your Casual Ensemble and Decorating Theme

Sequin hand fans, like these Spanish hand fan-inspired sequined fans, do not only come stylish as wedding fans, party fans, and cooling accessory for dressy dusk to evening affairs – they are also ones that can brighten-up your casual ensemble and decorating theme. You can use your solid-colored sequin hand fans, for instance, in putting a hint of glimmer to your work ensemble. They will also work great for dinner dates, casual lunches, and dinner parties. They are also good at giving your off-duty looks and travel looks an added style and elegance.

What's more, they make fascinating gift for ladies on special occasions and the holidays, like Christmas and Chinese New Year. They are also the theater fans and dancing fans that you can easily transition as everyday cooling accessories and hand fans for parties, as well as the dazzling hand fans for summer that are certain to stay with you for so many seasons. With the help of a hand fan stand or makeshift stand, you can set them, too, as sparkling hand fan decorations of your Spanish-style rooms and vintage-themed wedding and special occasions. And, with the addition of a simple gift tag, they are instantly ready to go as hand fan favors or gifts for your very special guests.

Shop Now! Bring a Beautiful Ray of Light to Your Summer

So amass these sequin fans today and let it bring a beautiful ray of light to your summer, wedding, and special occasions. Shopping your sequin hand fans here on, you can even grab the chance to get them at the lowest price online or at your most convenient price with our 110% lowest price guarantee or price matching opportunity. FREE shipping to the 48 contiguous states here in the United States is also available with your order worth $100 and above. You can order these sequined hand fans, too, for drop-shipping to your customers here in the United States and to all international locations that are covered by our international shipping destinations. For more perks and answers to your questions, please tap our FAQ page for our quick answers to your Frequently Asked Questions.

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History and Uses of Sequins

We love them for their sparkle, for their gathering that creates a ray of light in multiple directions, and for how they shine in metallic hues.

The popular use of sequins as sparkling trims to fabrics can be traced to the ancient tradition of stitching metal coins to fabrics for various reasons. In cultures, like the Arab, Egyptian, Indian, and Peruvian cultures, metal coins were stitched to the bodice or headdress of their traditional clothing for the purpose of displaying their wealth. The same practice was also noted among nomads and the gypsies, who needed to carry their possessions at all times. Many other cultures also stitched their tiny and shiny metal coins in strategic parts of their garment to distract and deflect evil spirits and the reflective shine of the metal was believed to remind onlookers of the wealth and power of their patrons while evoking the light of the divine.

As such, Sequin, which refers to the small, tiny, and shimmering ornamental disks that are stitched on fabrics as sparkling adornments, was coined after the Arabic word, Sikka, which means coins, particularly referring to the gold and silver coins of the Arab region during the 13th century. To date, these faux metal coins or sequins are made using a plastic-like material and they may be flat or faceted to be able to catch light from multiple directions. They are widely used as adornments to clothing and many other types of decorative implements that are made of fabrics, like dancing fans, the Asian Kalagas or the sequined velvet wall hangings of Southeast Asia, which were originally made only for the court using precious materials and jewels, table runners, pillow cases, and many more.