Easy to Open and Close Red Dancing Fans

Easy to Open and Close Red Dancing Fans
Regular Price: :$6.50

Bask in the glory of these Easy to Open and Close Red Dancing Fans! Have these for your Chinese dancing fans, belly dance fans, as party fans for your masquerade ball and dance party, as the hand fan props for your drill dance, cheer dance, performances on stage, theater, or events, like sports day, as hand fan decorations, and many others. These easy to open and close red dancing fans can be opened and closed by one hand. With a nicely weighted frame and a nylon leaf, which is the same durable and long-lasting material that is used for most martial arts fans, they can let you dance all day or all night long. Having a short but airy tail that beautifies and adds grace to your every move, it is easy to shift them, too, as dancing fans to cooling accessories, which can lend a strong breeze, from the dance floor to the party room. And, if you are still looking to make them an even more show-stopping part of the show, know that you can easily do so, like by painting your own design or gluing sequins on their leaf.

  • Total length: Approx. 16.5 inches long (42 cm)
  • Bamboo boning: Approx. 11.8 inches long (30 cm)
  • Tail length: Approx. 4.7 inches (12 cm)
  • Made from nylon on plastic frame
  • Sold individually

Dancing Fans are handcrafted in China
Processing Time: 1-2 business days

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