Red Silk Fans

Red Silk Japanese Hand Fans, or red silk fans, dazzle in red or feature Japanese-style prints and designs in the vibrant shades of red, like rust red, rose red, and sunset red. They are made in the classic shape and style of the Japanese Natsu-sen, or the Japanese folding fans for summer, and can lend a gentle and refreshing breeze, so right to keep their user cool during the warm and humid days of spring and summer. Color your wedding and party venue in red while keeping your guests cozy and your special occasion so auspicious and alive by gifting each of your wedding and party guest a personalized red silk fan.

Red Silk Hand Fans Facts and Features

These red silk hand fans are handmade in Japan by Japanese hand fan artisans and are framed with closely-spaced wood or bamboo, which may be adorned with intricate cutout patterns, and leafed with Japanese silk in a shade of red or which features a red Japanese-style print, pattern, or design on one side.

Each red silk hand fan is sized like the traditional women's hand fans in Japan and, thus, measure 8" height x 15" wide (when opened). Basically depending upon the color of the wood underneath the paint on their guardstick, select designs of these red silk fans can be personalized with a short text or message, consisting particularly of one (1) line and up to 33 characters. Such will be laser-engraved onto one of the hand fan's guardstick and because the laser cuts into the bamboo, your personalized text or message is ensured to last on your red silk fan.