Large Nylon Double Dragon Hand Fan

Large Nylon Double Dragon Hand Fan
Large Nylon Double Dragon Hand Fan
Large Nylon Double Dragon Hand Fan
Regular Price: :$6.50

Trust this large nylon Double Dragon Tai Chi Fan or Kung Fu Fan through your journey in Asian martial arts – from learning the basics to perfecting the various styles, strikes, routines, and more in tai chi, kung fu, modern wushu, Chinese dance fan exercise, and many others, or bank on their magnificent imagery of the Double Dragon as Asian decoration or auspicious Asian gift for family and friends. These Double Dragon Tai Chi fans and Kung Fu fans have thick and sturdy bamboo ribs and a gauzy-textured nylon silk fabric leaf with white silkscreen painting of the Double Dragon, Yin Yang, and the Chinese calligraphy for Tai Chi on the front. Durable enough to endure being hit or dropped during practice, they can also lend a strong breeze for keeping cool. Features:

  • These Double Dragon Tai Chi Fans, Kung Fu Fans are sold individually
  • Available in two (2) different colors: Black and Red
  • Each Double Dragon Tai Chi fan measures 13" height x 24" wide when opened
  • Product design may vary from picture shown
  • Personalized fans are also available
  • Please contact us at Info@PersonalizedFanStore.Com

Tai Chi Kung Fu Fans are made in China
Processing Time: 1-2 business days.

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