Gray Silk Fans

Gray Silk Japanese Hand Fans, or Grey Silk Fans, lend you the modern and youthful aura of silver and platinum, while with their featured Japanese-style prints and designs make them easy to lift the elegance of garbs and special occasions that are swept up by the chic and neutral hues of gray. Let everyone you know experience the luxury of owning an authentic Japanese silk fan or make...

Grey Silk Japanese Hand Fans Facts and Features

These grey Japanese silk fans or grey silk fans are an authentic product of the Japanese hand fan artisans, thus exquisite craftsmanship using Japan's native materials, especially wood, bamboo, and Japanese silk, lies at the heart in the making of each piece of grey silk fan. They open to a half-moon shape and have thin, closely-spaced bamboo ribs for their frame, which may feature elaborate cutout patterns that decorate their front and reverse sides. They are finished with a shade of grey Japanese silk, which may be plain-colored or which feature a Japanese-style print or design on one (1) side. You are sure to love these grey Japanese silk fans at first glance and be able to use them for a long time as their multiple ribs have been strongly secured by a metal rivet plus the elegant sheen and well-dyeing nature of their fine silk fabric lets their motif appear in vivid colors and stay clean without fading, even with frequent uses.