Brown Silk Fans

These Brown Silk Japanese Hand Fans open to contemporary Japanese paintings and auspicious patterns on soft brown silk. Ribbed with bamboo, which may feature tiny heart and floral cutout, and with guard sides that may bear a special engraving of your name, these brown silk fans exude a modern design that echoes Japan's rich culture and heritage. Enjoy every unfolding of these brown silk fans and, most importantly, reward yourself with the experience of keeping yourself cool with the famous Japanese fans for summer, or Sensu.

Featuring Fine Japanese Prints on Brown Silk

Let these brown Japanese silk fans be the perfect accessory for your hand this summer and the perfect personalized gift that you will have to give to a special man or lady, whether a family, friend, or loved one, on his or her important occasion. These brown silk fans are handmade by Japanese hand fan artisans and they are fashioned after the iconic Japanese hand fans for summer, called Sensu, thus the closely-spaced arrangement of their bamboo ribs, which may be dotted with intricately cut heart and floral patterns and joined at the end with a metal pin.

A Light and Stylish Summer Accessory

Leafed with high-quality solid-colored or printed pleated silk fabric, these brown silk fans can be opened and closed with ease and they can lend a gentle breeze, thus they are an ideal accessory for keeping cool up to a humid summer or tropical weather. In their 8" long x 15" wide size when opened, these brown silk Japanese hand fans represent the traditional size of the Japanese summer hand fans for women and they fold small enough to fit inside a lady's bridal bag, clutch or evening purse, handbag, or pocket. It is also light and stylish to carry one of this brown silk fans around as bridal fan, everyday hand fan, or party silk fan and each of them will not only enhance the look of a casual and special occasion garb, they are also the perfect accessory to your Asian clothing, especially the Japanese Kimono and the Japanese Yukata.

Engrave Your Name on Genuine Japanese Hand Fans

Select styles of these brown Japanese silk fans can also be personalized with your name, their recipient's name, event's details, or a short message and such will be rendered as a laser engraving on one of the guard sides so that your personalized Japanese hand fan displays a sophisticated and recognizable detail when closed and will flaunt the same and your choice of Japanese printed art or pattern on silk when opened. For better protection, you can keep your brown silk fan in a hand fan pouch (sold separately) when not in use, you can rest it, too, on a hand fan stand so it works as an Asian decoration for your indoor space, or you can preserve it on a frame like an Asian artwork.

A Statement-Making and Handy Cooling Essential

Collect these brown silk Japanese hand fans in all styles for your wedding hand fans, Asian favors, personalized Japanese gifts, and elegant business gifts, or take them with you wherever you go this summer. These brown silk fans will be a pretty sight on your wedding and Asian parties and a statement-making everyday essential that you can take at work, in school, in a party, and even while traveling. Happy Shopping!