8 to 14 Inches Natural Straw Fans (Set of 12)

8 to 14 Inches Natural Straw Fans (Set of 12)
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Invite your family and friends to bask under the sun knowing you have these medium to extra-large natural straw fans, buri fans, and raffia fans for keeping you cool despite the sultry heat. These natural straw fans, buri fans, and raffia fans are hand-woven using the natural fronds of the stately tropical palm, called Buri. As such, they are the palm leaf fans that answer your need for a very strong breeze and that are gifted with a cool and silken texture that lasts. Use these straw fans as they are or embellish them with flowers, ribbons, and a gift tag or name tag to dress them up for your wedding, gift-giving needs, and special occasions. Features:

  • In each package, fans vary from approx. 8" - 14" width.
  • Sold in set of 12
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Cool-textured
  • Imported from Philippines
  • Please contact us at Info@PersonalizedFanStore.Com
Decorate these buri fans to give it your own personal touch! This item will not pass through Australia’s customs and we cannot ship this item to Australia. View all of our straw fans, hand fan or paper umbrellas.

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